Tournament Gold

Kokoda Tournament Gold Series represents the latest in fishing lure technology utilising CAD aided designs for precision adjustments down to a fraction of a millimetre. Couple this advanced technology with the very best pure resins, sharpest hooks and the most amazing holographic life-like finishes and you're fishing with pure Gold.

Field tested by world class anglers, cast after cast, fish after fish, meticulously analysed, a fraction of a millimetre here and the slightest adjustment of an internal bearing there, and only after countless hours of testing will a new lure design be accepted. Even so every lure in the Tournament Gold Series is tank tested so they swim true and straight out of the pack. Fish for the future and help conserve fish stocks. These lures are extremely effective so only take the fish you need for your immediate use, abide by bag limits and remember, you are the eyes and ears of the fisheries.

Kokoda Tournament Gold Series - for 24k gold fishing!