The New Calypso sinking stick baits are a hybrid blue water lure style that's designed to catch kingfish, bonito, dolphin fish, cobia, GT's and just about any fish species that chase bait to the surface. The swimming action of the Calypso looks like a baitfish that been separated from the school with a darting and erratic action. They can be easily cast or trolled for best effect.

Heavy gauge thru-wire construction plus heavy duty Ikuza flat style split rings and Ikuza 4X strong short shank trebles make light work of even the toughest species. Other features include a brilliant holographic body finish and oversized eyes. Find out for yourself why blue water stick baiting is latest lure craze to sweep Oz.

  • Sizes: 13.5cm/80 gm sinking and 16cm/110 gm.