Kingspin Spinnerbait


The Kingspin series are explosive on bass, yellow belly, cod, estuary perch, barra and many more species. This success is no fluke, tuned with an incredibly strong yet ultra fine tempered Japanese stainless steel wire frame, German silicone skirts, 3D epoxy eyes, and stainless steel ball bearing swivel and razor sharp chemically etched hooks for feather touch penetration. The KingSpin 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2oz models are now even more effective with the added bonus Stinger combo rig. This makes the KingSpin's even more effective with added bulk and extra hooking power, helping to eliminate short strikes.

Now with "Fully tournament tuned with Bonus Stinger Combo" the KingSpin Spinnerbait series has etched out an enviable reputation amongst experienced anglers as one of the most versatile native lures ever.