Flash Shad XTM


For all those skeptics of the evolutionary process we have proof it exists! Back in the day, the original Kokoda Flash Shad were the world's first foil intergrated swimbait, which spurned the popularity of swimbait's worldwide. Well now the Flash Shad has evolved into an even more potent force. Introducing the Flash Shad XTM. After exhaustive field testing we believe that the new Flash Shad XTM series are the worlds best swimbaits.

The internal weight coupled with a heavily tapered hydrodynamic body provides the Flash Shad XTM series with an action that fish simply can't resist. Throw in Big John's real fish infusion, oversized eyes, rear body ribbing, holographic insert tape, heavy duty hardware and gills that actually move in the water.

  • Sizes: 10cm x 6pk, 14cm x 4pk, 18cm x 2pk and 25cm x 1pk
  • Colours: W, BWN, PK not available in 18cm and 25cm packs