Mangrove Habitat Destruction

Mangrove and wetland destruction comes from rampant development. By creating a new waterfront complex or reclaiming land for housing estates. When mangrove or wetland eco systems are destroyed, we lose a life nurturing place for marine life.

Mangroves are the life force of the estuary system. They not only keep rivers and bays healthy filtering pollutants and heavy metals from the water, they provide a massive amount of positive bacteria, which creates a protein rich food chain for prawns, fish and crabs. Queensland Fisheries in Australia maintain:

"An estimated 75 percent of commercially caught fish and prawns depend directly on mangroves at some time in their lives or feed on food chains leading back there. Since those species making up the remainder of the catch probably also owe much to nutrients exported from the mangroves, these coastal forests can be seen as one of our major assets." Qld Gov Parks and Wildlife website

So to remove mangroves and wetland is to remove life from waterways. Take away pollution filters and to remove the foundations of the food chain vital for all marine life.